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Fioretti Piscine is dealer of "Piscine Castiglione", a brand established in 1961 and become the most known at a national level in the swimming pool field. Fioretti Piscine is a leader company in Tuscany where it operates in the provinces of Pise, Livorno and Lucca since many years.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Question

Filtration systems

What differences are there between a skimmer and an infinity edge system?
Firstly, with a skimmer system the water level is at about 15 cm under the border, whereas in an infinity edge system the water arrives to the border.
Following as said above, in the skimmer system the water is recovered by means of openings along the highest part of the pool - the skimmers - addressed into the filter by pipes, depurated and then fed back from delivery ports.
In the infinity edge system, indeed, the water that overcome the border is recovered in perimetral channels and piped in overflow tanks that should have a volume high enough to guarantee the costant level of water at the height of the pool border; from here the water is carried into the filter for the depuration and the fed back from delivery ports.

Burocratic Problems

What permission do I need?
To build a swimming pool, on the base of the "Testo Unico dell’Edilizia 2001", you are obliged to present a DIA to the local municipality, fulfilled from a licensed professional. From this momenti on it is enough to make 30 days past and at the end of them, if the Municipality doesn’t make any objections, you can start with the works. However, there can be different procedures in accordance to your local town plan: ask always at the charged office if there are any constraints (design characteristics, colour, etc.). Moreover, verify if there are any landscape constraints or protection of the territory from the "Belle Arti" and ask to the carched Institution for further permissions, that will posticipate the starting time of works.
For inside swimming pools you can ask for construction permission. In this case you will have to wait for at least three months before starting with the works.

Time and Costs

How much does the realization of a swimming pool cost?
The costs depend on the base of different features that, combined together, can made price vary: dimension, shapes, water recirculation, finishing, accessories and other more, to which you must add the cost of excavation and the pool cement base. Ask to the local concessionaire to have further information and for your personalized estimate.

What are the annual management costs?
The management costs of a swimming pool are relied to its water volume and to its filtration system.
Water consumption: in addition to the water volume taken from the aqueduct used to fill the pool, you must consider some cubic meters (8-10 mc in a season) for the backwash of the filters, made approximately every 15 days. Each year, at the beginning of the new season, you must verify the water condition in the pool and the necessity of complete or partial substitution. For the water costs you must ask at your local aqueduct.
Energy consumption: the consumption depend on the size of the filtration system and, in little part, to eventual underwater lights of the pool.
At the increase of the dimension of the pool corresponds an adequate filtration system.
The filtration system pump is functional for almost 14 hours per day in order to guarantee the correct disinfection of the water, even in absence of bathers.
So, knowing how many Kw the pump exploits in an hour and considering that it works 14 hours, you can calculate the daily energy consumption and its costs.
Chemical products consumption: the water parameters to be considered are the pH and the chlorine. The chlorine is the product that better ensures the right water disinfection. A swimming pool well chlorinated must always have 1 gr for each cubic meters of water.
The treatment is done by means of tablets that dissolve with the water lapping, with the filtration system in movement, or by means of dust used periodically.
Costs and quantity of the chemical products depend on the number of bathers, on the type of water furnished from the aqueduct and on the quantity of water in the pool.
Calculating all these costs, for a private swimming pool you have to consider approximately some hundred of euros per year.

How long does it take to realize a swimming pool?
For the installation of a standard private swimming pool 10 working days are enough, barring unforeseen circumstances. Then you must consider other 60-90 days for the design, the DIA presentation and other general construction works.


For the water disinfection what are the products available?
Chlorine is one of the few products that ensure a great water disinfection at good costs. Chlorine can be used in granular and liquid form or can be generated by salt, that must dissolve in the swimming pool water.

Which disinfection systems do exist, made exception for chlorine?
A familiar pool must be comfortable and the dimension have to be proportional to the height of the owners. Normally, in the lowest part of the pool the height of the water should be 120 cm, whereas in the deepest part of the pool 180 cm are enough to obtain an ideal enviroment for most of the bathers.

It is better to use a variable deep or the hopper?
It is easier and cheaper to realize a base with a hopper instead of deep vertical walls or big stainless walls. Moreover, the volume that save energy signifies less water to treat and, as a consequence, less management fees.

If you want a diving board how much does the swimming pool must be deep?
To dive in security from a diving board there must be at least 2,2 - 2,4 meters of water in that area of the pool. We advice you to mantain a corridor of about 30 cm around the deeper area for the bathers’ security as, in a private pool, there is not a lifeguard.


For the water disinfection what are the products available?
Chlorine is one of the few products that ensure a great water disinfection at good costs. Chlorine can be used in granular and liquid form or can be generated by salt, that must dissolve in the swimming pool water.

Which disinfection systems do exist, made exception for chlorine?
Together with chlorine you can use UVA or OZONE disinfection systems. When chlorine kills the batterias, it is submitted to an oxidation process: a part of it stays in suspension on the water surface (combined chlorine), whereas the other part it is transformed in amines, responsible of the chlorine smell in the covered swimming pools. When you can feel the smell of chlorine it means this is almost finished. Using a secondary disinfection system is useful, as there is more oxidation of the organic substances . The consequence is that the combined chlorine is dejected with final result of a more comfortable environment, with less consumption of disinfectant and water.


Which warranties do Piscine Castiglione provide?
The customer that has bought a Piscine Castiglione swimming pool signs a contract directly with the producer. The warranty is 10 years on the structure and on the PVC cover (compared to the 2 years decided by law). The warranty includes all the products given by the company, made exception for the charges deriving from the necessary repairing works. The warranty is of degressive type.


What changes between a system for privates and a system for collective use?
The UNI law of 2006 has defined precisely the characteristics of a pool systems in accordance to the use. According to the law, it is possible to consult a scheme over which are illustrated the general rules to be followed in relation to the swimming pool classification.
You must remember that in Italy each Region has published local rules that personalize the law; to have the certainty of the rules, in addition to the UNI 10637 Law of 06/2006, it is necessary to consult the Region website (where the swimmng pool has been realized).

Who should be interested on the law?
The customer’s technician, resonsible for the construction site and of the realization, must refer to the law.
Piscine Castiglione designs the swimming pool following the rules on the more restrictive way, for what concerns the swimming pool and the system.
On the case of public realizations (e.g. town pools), for collective (e.g. hotels, camping, etc.) and condominium use, the commitment must get information in relation to the relied needs (toilets. green area, etc.).